Persona Abode creates space for wellness by designing interiors for your health and happiness, whilst amplifying one’s personal idea of beauty.
It’s a collaborative adventure to develop purposeful solutions to express love and compassion for those who matter the most and the amazing world that nurtured them


Interior Design in 3 relaxing steps

Those blank walls say nothing about YOU and lack your great personality that should be infused all around your abode. Take your beasty design classics from out of storage, give them a revamp they deserve and show them off against a life giving colour scheme and holiday inspired art collection. Life, after all is too short for generic design or a copy cat design from Pinterest.


Need some real direction to stay on track of your home revamp rather than opinions of the social media masses? The lack of context will only give you a limited supply of useful feedback, while investing in a standalone full or half day design consultation will shut out all the unnecessary noise and start you on a path to creating your ideal living environment. 

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Great ideas from jessica & highly responsive. I was skeptical in the beginning, but highly impressed with the service.

— R O’ Sullivan


The Journal of Wellness and Kinder Living

Designing for your wellness and happiness is multifaceted,, keep posted with the Persona Abode Journal which explores topics celebrating aspects of kinder living in style.

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The Wellness Design Studio

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