Whichever room of your home you're in at this moment, take a look around. Take a good look and really notice of your surroundings. Now ask yourself, is your personality and style reflected in the way you've envisioned? The ideal is obviously to rock  from the front door to tiniest cupboard. You just need a dose of time some wise planning to get you there. Daunting, I know, so having your wellness space creator on hand to figure it all help will be a saving grace.

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Start by collaborating with a designer who can unravel who you are to interpret to best of you as a functional environment. Just as importantly, collaborating with a designer who believes in your vision of creating your dream home makes the process a whole lot easier . 

It's senseless meandering through stores when you're not sure what you're looking for. To top it off, once you do come across something you really like the item is out-of-stock or the assistant tells you there's a six month delay because it’s been transported on the back of a snail. Now you’ve got to start your search elsewhere to locate the perfect alternative whilst trying not to fall down the rabbit hole of online stores. You can spend months just drooling over furniture, wallcoverings and all the homeware out there and not actually achieve the look you want. Having that unbiased listening ear will make a huge difference, time wise (because that is the most precious commodity in you busy life), style wise (any crap will not do) and budget wise. 

Contact me so we can kick start your projects, firstly with a get-to-know-one-another call, before a full consultation to set you up for domestic design bliss.  


Plan out what it’s going to take to live in a healthy home.

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We can work together to redefine your personal style to benefit your wellbeing. Online-Design or Full Interior Design services to set you on the road to living in an awesome home from the front door to the smallest closet. 

We'll get you sorted with a bespoke action plan suited to your budget and with a timescale convenient to you, sourcing beasty accessories, art, and furniture that’ll make your ABODE rock. We can also make the best use of the beautiful things you already have around the home. 



Sit back while Persona Abode designs for you, your home and your wellness goals.

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It's all well and good receiving a sample board, but let's be honest, it doesn't give you too much of an idea how your room will turn out, right? Suggestions of the room layouts will help you to visualise the schemes within your home, so will a full list of products and suppliers. If you need further info on particular materials or product choices, don't worry, that too will be included in your package.

You'll also be armed with a set of instructions so when you have the contractors in, you'll know what you need to tell them to bring your dream to life. That's right, you'll get step-to-step guide of what jobs need to be tackled, and in what order. Then you can get on with the project when you're ready. After the core work is done, the fun on styling will be handled for you.


Crack open a glass of some organic bubbly, throw a party and roam around your newly designed home. Be smug as you want to be.

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Once all the work is done, styling and all, I want you to kick back and relax with a glass of organic bubbly in one hand while you throw an epic party to celebrate your efforts. Even when you last guest is gone, you can roam around your home happily rather than bored.

In person and online interior design solutions that consider the building and not just the room

Not sure on how Persona Abode can enhance you home life through design? I welcome you to ask your questions.