The One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - The 1st week

The One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - The 1st week


Hey Hey,

Hasn’t it been a while?

I’m super elated to welcome you to October and the 2nd room transformation series Persona Abode taking part in. Yep, the One Room Challenge fun is back baby!

It’s perfectly ok if you have zero clue what the One Room Challenge is. Let me get you up to speed.

In the spirit of being friendly members of the design community, interior designers & bloggers transform one room over the course of six weeks. You know how six weeks of school holiday drags on? Well six weeks in the design world flies by in no time.

Of course, the journey wouldn’t be the same without your support so you’re going to have to come along for the ride. Deal? I’m asking you to watch the bumps, triumphs and jaw dropping moments that come along with creating a good looking environment. If last time is anything to go by, there WILL be plenty.

Here’s how it’ll go down: Each week comes with a new journal entry taking you on the journey from BEFORE, through the winding valley of DURING and arriving after six week at the destination called AFTER.

Wanna have a guess which room will get some special design TLC?

Oh jeez, the last time the living room was done it was 2013, the same year Miley Cyrus was jumping onto Wrecking Balls

Oh jeez, the last time the living room was done it was 2013, the same year Miley Cyrus was jumping onto Wrecking Balls

This time my attention bring us to the centre of my home. If you’re picturing the kitchen, don’t. It’s the living room. The central meeting point of my house rests firmly in the living room.

It’s current aesthetic started off as a colourfully eclectic protest against the former apple green walls. On a mission to be more dramatic yet achieve a casual atmosphere, the walls were painted teal and a gallery of art hung on the walls. The reaction was: “It’s so you” and the family loved it. We still do. But after 6 years…a change is coming. So the challenge is perfect timing. Woo hoo!

Diving into the details

While it’s all fun and games piling on my bed with the girls, the bedroom doesn’t cut it with guests. Nor can I continue the temporary setting up of Persona HQ in my bedroom. There’s a whole back story which stems from my eldest girly taking over the living room after a work accident. But anyway, let’s press on.

This week there’s the basics to take care of. Things like measuring up, deciding what aesthetic direction to push the room in and the access what elements are worthy of staying or going. Decluttering is a must in any room, the living room included.

You’d think only a few weeks after London Design Week i’d be full of ideas. It turns out there wasn’t much that filled my head with a inspiration, so i’m starting this challenge with a pretty blank slate.


The state of the room from a bird’s eye view

3.5m by 4m worth a space to transform, with architectural detailing and a massive sash window


The wool rug came about prior to becoming a vegan interior designer. For sustainability reasons, it can stay a house resident until it’s done for.

The wool rug came about prior to becoming a vegan interior designer. For sustainability reasons, it can stay a house resident until it’s done for.

The Sofa

  • The essential and biggest lump of furniture is the sofa. A new corner sofa has already replaced the crusty compromise of a sofa that lived in the living room for over a decade.

    OK, it didn’t start out crusty BUT it was rush job as the Mr needed a longer seating option to lay down on.

    Before you question if he’s lazy, this isn’t the reason. He’s paraplegic and sitting in his wheelchair all day does his body no good. The most comfy option is to lay down. While we have the bed the sofa is incredibly important to his wellness when he’s awake and we’re doing stuff together as a family.

    We reluctantly settled on a modular L shaped number, long enough for him to lay down on. The compromise came from the fabric choice was out of stock. The delivered sofa ended up being a blah beige piece with underneath storage. It was so damn comfortable to Netflix and napping, plus the storage hide clutter for yonks.

    Along with getting rid to the sofa came a declutter and the need to ramp up storage.

Window Treatments

  • As much as the neighbours across the road are lovely, I’m no window twitcher. In comes the need for window treatments that look neat from the outside and are suitable for the harsh truth that sash windows lose heat fast.

Crying out for Storage

  • STORAGE! What is a room without storage? In fact, what is a home without storage….STUPID, that’s what. I have zero shame in declaring a love of physical books and have quite a few. Of course in the spirit of book hoarding, my love isn’t contained within one room but the living room holds a bulk of the paper info system.

If this shows nothing else, it shows how much the living room is crying out for light.

If this shows nothing else, it shows how much the living room is crying out for light.

With books comes a need to put them somewhere. While book piles look great for a magazine spread, pulling a read from the bottom of the pile is a game a Jenga.

There’s alway scope to make the book storage cool looking and highly functional. The how hasn’t been figured out yet. but hey, that’s what six weeks of fun is for, right?


  • Flooring that supports my drive to bring less toxic badness is a must. As the living room easy to clean and as natural as possible without using animals to do so (yep, I won’t be having is any animal derived nonsense ‘cause i’m not up for animal cruelty and I specialise in creating homes that want the same).


  • Side tables are the more stylish alternative to built in drink holders. Pardon me while I shiver at those ghastly things. Believe it or not, a child that I birthed had the cheek to suggest getting a sofa with drink holders.


  • Layers of lighting is total design magic and a missing element at the mo. Sure there’s candle light goodness, run of the mill ceiling lighting and table lamps that wobble at the sound of the remote control being picked up. It’s not enough. Not dramatic enough or moody even. However, I’ll leave the topic of lighting to be explored next week.

And lastly the colour scheme

  • It doesn't take a much to tell i’ve got strong maximalist tendencies. The girlies, not so much. Finding a comfy resolution that suits us all would be the best outcome.

Firstly we have differing opinions on the wall colour. I like the current Teal walls but am open to exploring a more neutral surface colour. Mr demands the teal stays while the youngest girly dreams of cream and taupe galore. If I were to ask my eldest her generic answer would be (shivers) grey.

Whatever we go for it has to compliment the new navy blue sofa in some way.

I’d love your input at this early stage. I’m toying with the idea of changing the wall colour. It’d be a big transformation to the living room, i know. Going for a different wall colour could totally happen. Help me decide by voting below.

Should I stick with dark walls or go for a lighter colour?
Have your say now

How to Factor Wellness into the Living Room

Slap me if I ever call myself a wellness designer yet don’t factor the wellbeing of my family into out own home and every room we roam around.

First up on the agenda is upping the anti for a non toxic environment and keeping it that way. Think clean air from wholesome materials that pollute the atmosphere and outer environment less. Add to that a support system of plant life to literally breath life into the house. Then other biophilic elements that remind my family that nature rocks.

It won’t stop there, coming up with ways you provide spots for quality relaxation as well as a work corner to be a productive beast are also a must.


What To Expect In Week 2

There’s so much to get done, so a schedule is a must to stay on top of things. Do you do this when revamping your home?

Going from BEFORE to destination AFTER is easier with a plan so each week has specific goals that needs to be ticked off. The three top goals for week two are:

  1. Plan down to the fine details, what storage the living room calls room.

  2. Design the home office space that’s equally attractive as it is an productive environment to design from home.

  3. Figure out the lighting plan

It’d be selfish not to spread the word about of the other participants in The One Room Challenge. We’re in this thing together, so I will ask you to follow other participants who are getting stuck into transforming a room over the next 6 weeks. 

Hi5s & curtsies! Thank for coming along on this journey. Drop a comment below & take care until next week 🙋🏾‍♀️

Drop a comment below sharing what aspect of your living room that could do with improving.

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