The wishy washy period after the festive holidays and New Year is finally labelled as in the past and we can finally get on with 2019. After a break there’s always good spirits to spread and a bucketful of hope that the new year is going to be even more badass than anything that came before.


So here I am, welcoming you to the first journal entry of 2019.  

Before we close the chapter, I wanted to recap in some of the happenings of 2018. It was great year from Janauary onwards despite crappy set backs and things that drag your wellbeing into the gutter. I will declare it triumphant. 

Let’s take a look at January


If you don’t know about it, I’m a vegan designer advocating kind living that benefits YOU, our planet, and the epic beings that are humans and animals.  

It was recognised by so I was crowned their vegan designer of the month. These things are worthy of a fist pump and smile so set off the year in style.  


For the love of February  


In the US February is Black History Month and another crown came my way via Angela Belts 28 Creatives of Color.  


Springing over to March


The first travel adventure of the year was an epic 5 Start trio to Spain with PORCELANOSA and a tour of 4 cities and the company’s factory. 


Porcelanosa are an epic company that give give more than two frigs about their clients, employees, and the environment. It showed in the cleanest factory I’ve ever seen. There is a serious level of spotlessness everywhere which is right there on creating space for wellness for factory staff. 


Meeting Nick May from the Chaise Lounge Podcast (I’ve whorish podcast tendencies I cannot deny), has been long coming. I’m on the advisory board for the podcast but we hadn’t met before March. 


During the trip I fell into a muddy ditch and was pulled back on to my feet by Guy Eye’s designer Bobby Berk who was also on the trip. 


Before birthday celebrations and being denied alcohol in my local restaurant because I had no ID and they’d might lose their licence.....I was on Fraser’s radio show as co host. 


The good old thing about being a co host is that you can have the sweatiest pits from nerves and not one listener will ever know. We chatted it up about design and shooting architects who design crappy buildings.  


So birthday time was a Indian meal, supporting local business. Yep they refused to serve me anything stronger than a juice but my 18 year old could get drunk right in front of my sober eyes.  

I took it was a compliment that I don’t look old enough which does the ego great anyway. But what they did with the left overs was a shoddy move that required more than a head shake and finger wag.


They only went and put meat left overs in the same container was my veggie leftovers. As a vegetarian the left overs couldn’t be eaten, at least not be me.