It's only fair that you get to know the Founder of Persona Abode, Jecks, before we join each other for your COMPLEMENTARY consultation. You 20 minute call is your 1st step to creating your awesome ABODE, defined by you and when we meet face to face, i'll introduce myself by saying, "I'm Jecks". 

My love of interior design was sparked from being terrified to walk through the front door. From this fear, I realised how our feelings about the place we can home has a impact on how you show up in the world.
— Jecks

It's a journey that's influenced why the environment I create for you should be led by kindness. That kindness extends beyond you and reaches the environment too..

Way before being all eco-conscious working in recycling management, my exposure to domestic violence was the first got me interested in creating safe environments that boosts your wellbeing. People should always be the main focus when designing the spaces we take up and it goes hand in hand with giving a damn about the environment and animals too.  So can you really be surprised that I personalise homes with attention placed on your health and wellbeing? 


There's a number of ways to design with your happiness in mind, such as incorporating the importance of the building into the interior design. You see, when I hopped on over to London a little over a decade ago I landed in building conservation to work exclusively with Listed Buildings.  My work ensured that medieval community hubs don't crumble to pieces & exist only in memory. Managing projects to help keep historic churches ship-shape and fit for prayer, comes with a respect for the architecture that houses some pretty amazing interiors. 



If only you could see the architectural vocabulary i've built up over the years. It's a pretty awesome for understanding of the foundations of any interior project for you to take advantage of in your home.  Without beasty, or even plain Jane, architecture interiors are just thin air. The two fields have a direct impact on each other as context is key. So who better to collaborate with architects and building specialists than someone who gets what angle they're designing from. Bringing you interior designer into the fold from the early stages of you projects makes the process a smoother one whilst we collaborate with the upmost respect of how each professional solves your design dilemmas. 

Helping you PERSONAlise your ABODE.

In case you need assurance that your home is in expert hands, raise a glass to me being a certified interior designer, with a diploma (distinction) and a certified vegan designer too. Cheers!


The accolades don’t stop there, to understand the complexities of repairing and maintaining buildings I've studied out at Westdean College learning about the ins and outs of building conservation. If it was good enough for Salvador Dali to hang out then it is good enough for expanding my knowledge. The college centres its learning conservation and the arts, a perfect match for a creative designer who respects the theory that comes along with buildings and interiors. Westdean attracts leading professional in the field attracting specialists from all over the world, in my case London, to geek out about ageing historic buildings, the artefacts that adds that needed uniqueness to your style, and arts and craft skills that make quality pieces deserved of a place in your home. 

The collaboration with England Heritage ensures the BCM diploma covers the most important subject that goes into looking after buildings, so they remain upright and serve their owners well. The masterclasses I’ve done include Object & Materials conservation, I've topped up my knowledge how the aspects of maintaining the interiors. Studying the individual elements that make up the inside of any building, I've has chatted with leading specialists teaching the class how to keep your home looking awesome for the long haul. Brilliant as the whole idea of consumer trends doesn't sit well with owning your design style or not getting sucked into the vortex of designing your home to fashion's sake.