London Based Residential Interior Design

Create space for your wellness at home with the help and expertise of Persona Abode at your disposal throughout any stage of designing your abode.

With the flexibility to choose the level of support you need to put together every room in your home and we'll collaborate to highlight the best of you through your design style.

Creating Space

Design consultations

Those blank walls say nothing about YOU and lack your great personality that should be infused all around your abode. Take your beasty design classics from out of storage, give them a revamp they deserve and show them off against a life giving colour scheme and holiday inspired art collection. Life, after all is too short for generic design or a copy cat design from Pinterest.

Need some real direction to stay on track of your home revamp rather than opinions of the social media masses? The lack of context will only give you a limited supply of useful feedback, while investing in a standalone full or half day design consultation will shut out all the unnecessary noise and start you on a path to creating your ideal living environment.

Kick start your design project with a full consultancy online. Available at your home within London areas.

Thank you Jecks. The final design looks fantastic & you’ve been great to work with. Thank you for all your hard work.

Mr & Mrs Reynolds


Online Interior Design

Do you feel that full service design fees will eat your wallet and leave you with just the zip? Did you know you can maintain the same level of help and expertise by working with Jecks virtually? That’s right, I won’t knock on you door yet can still create your idea of beautiful throughout your home.

Make your own arrangements after your home is designed for you (inclusive of furniture, fittings and finishing touches). That can be by your own hands or tradesmen, whichever suits you and your budget best.

You’ll be equipped with step by step instructions to talk over with your decorators and installers, along with styling advice after all the core work is complete. At anytime you need further help, Persona Abode will be able to advise you.

Persona Abode collaborates with you online during the course of your project meaning you can be ANY corner of the world and receive a bespoke service.

Collaborate online to design your space no matter where you are in the world.


Design Your Happy Place in 3 Easy Steps


The only time your home should make you sick is when the decor is getting dated and a little shabby round the edges. Create space for your wellness so you can breathe easy, heal or just continue to live your best healthy life, and do it with a design that takes into consideration your wellbeing just as much as your style. Share your wellness goals to incorporate them into the conceptualisation of your vision through to pouring a celebratory glass of champagne once your home is just how you planned it. Create space for wellness in 3 easy steps and avoid the usual decorating stresses or overwhelm.



Plan a healthier Home

Plan out what it’s going to take to live in a healthy home.

Your journey to your well and happy home kicks off with a design session. Be ready to explore several topics including you, your house buddies and course your home. We’ll walk and talk our way through your home, stopping to sit and flesh out your requirements for a minimum of 2 hours.

After our initial session to get your project brief together (info on what you're trying to achieve, for how much and when), the information will be used as our starting point for coming up with a design concept for your home. 

Hand sketched interior by Persona Abode.jpg



Unfolding your vision

Sit back while Persona Abode designs for you, your home and your wellness goals.

We’ll develop a design scheme from the concept. It’s important that you like what you see and hear about the initial concept. If not, your input is a valuable resource to make the necessary changes before the design is developed and fine tuned. 

Now we’ve had fun selecting finishes for the surfaces and found furniture that’ll pull off the look, procurement is the time to make orders of item, whether they’re bespoke or ready made. First comes the renovations and decorations to your home and after a thorough clean to make your home pristine, next will be installation of furniture and fittings. Once all in place, finishing touches will be the stylish cherry on top. 




Celebrate in Style

Now’s the time to Crack open a glass of some organic bubbly, throw a party and roam about your newly designed home in the style you desire.


Thank you so much for all your help & inspiration. I’m so happy with my room! Thank you for all your ideas & inspiration. Will be using you again for my next project.

E Stanford


Vegan, Cruelty-free or Sustainable design

The awareness of leading a lifestyle with intent and treating your body like a temple is a high priority. We go about our lives 90% of the time indoors. Your personalised abode is the perfect base to reflect your positive lifestyle. You and the planet deserve it, right? 

Your design choices have consequences to the environment, humans & quite often animals too. BUT those design choices shouldn’t compromise of your style.

Persona Abode will help you source alternative homeware and furniture that’s cruelty-free, vegan, or sustainable (according to your ethical standpoint) and just a good looking as you need it to be.

You needn't trade off your design aesthetic to create space for living a kinder lifestyle, leave the running around to Persona Abode. 

Persona Abode is a UK Ambassador for & can advise you on ways to introduce vegan and cruelty-free furniture and surfaces into all areas of your home.

I don’t want your guests to
show up and recognise your
interior designer. Your home
is where your story takes centre stage
— Jecks