London Based Residential & Commercial Interior design

Creating space for your wellness to flourish in your personalised abode.


Looking after your body and health starts at home, while you look after yourself Persona Abode will redesign your sanctuary for your wellness needs. Founder Jecks (that's me) will find the most creative and beneficial solutions of creating space that reflects the best of your personality and align them with your ethical and eco-conscious beliefs.


It's a collaborative affair at Persona Abode, I work alongside you to bring your vision of an awesome home alive. Starting our design friendship, we get to know each other so you're confident that we're the right fit to redesign your most private space, your home. It's important that your interests, motivations, and expectations are all fully understood from the beginning. It helps realistically cater to your needs and limitations and expectations surpassed once your home is back in your hands. As friendship is a two way process, of course I'll bring great enrichment to the table. 

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Think of me as your impartial listening ear and the one to push your boundaries. There's no point me yapping on about things that aren't going to enrich your home. Your home and the experience of making it look nothing short of awesome is not about Persona Abode or my personal desires. It's 100% about you. So i'm on hand to hear about your ideas, wants and any other revealing influences that shape the way you live. After we've explored your vision, your home will be designed to make your home welcoming everytime you step inside and your life less stressful too while also paying attention to right level of detail to separate your home from The Joneses. 


Your PERSONAlised ABODE should be nothing short of awesome, for you, your family and everyone you welcome. Plus, your personality should rock in every part of your home. Take a moment to look around. Do you notice that sad little corner with nothing really going on? Perhaps you're beginning to seen your home isn't as inspiring as it used to be. Whatever it is, you can start making plans to rectify the things that irk you about your space. It's totally ok that you haven't quite got there yet. It happens. The great thing is, we can collaborate to move away from a constant work in progress to a home to make you want to punch the air. Can we get a fist pump?


I don’t want your guests to
show up and recognise your
interior designer. Your home
is where your story takes centre stage
— Jecks Lea

Make use of my expertise and all round obsession with all things interiors to help you figure out how to turn your 4 walls into a ABODE that rocks and matches the lifestyle you're creating. We'll definitely make the awesome happen and you can get back to focussing on having the most amazing experiences with a home that's you haven away from all the mayhem.


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